Hifiscus | Flooring Line Loan
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Flooring Line Loan

If your business is in a position where inventory can be used as collateral, look no further than inventory financing.


A flooring line is used most commonly by car dealerships because they have a lot full of high cost inventory, but are short on cash. This inventory can be used as collateral for a flooring line, or inventory financing line of credit. This is a credit line used by retailers with higher cost inventory to get access to short-term cash.

As a financing option for businesses with leverageable inventory as collateral, this is a very viable route to go. Similar to other lines of credit, the drawdown of capital from the line, is the only time interest is calculated. The ability to use it if and when you need it makes it a great option for a business looking for the flexibility of a line of credit that can be leveraged and secured by expensive inventory.

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