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Review the best funding options for your business

Loan Options

We will help to connect you with a loan option from our network of lenders and investors. With us you fill out one application and leave the rest to us, no need to go to other funding sources. We offer a comprehensive lending experience unlike any other.

Line of Credit

Flexibility to grow on your own time schedule.

A line of credit is there when you need it, if you need it. There is no obligation to use it once you’ve been approved. But it is there if you need to cover payroll or buy additional inventory. Use it when you need it for whatever you need and you only pay interest on the funds you use.

Short Term Loan

Sometimes you just need money fast.

With the uncertainty that comes with small business ownership, sometimes you need funding quickly. The speed of financing can make or break a business that is focused on growth. In these tight situations, a term loan may be your best option. Click to get started.


Sometimes, in the course of business, surprises come up and business owners are faced with a dilemma of how to pivot. These decisions can be the difference between taking the business to the next level and packing it in. When those challenges are financial, a short-term loan may be a way to save the business.


Fast—Challenges come up quickly and sometimes without warning, so a short-term loan can be just the thing to get things moving again. With a short-term loan, you can receive funds within 24 hours.


Easy—The application process for the short-term loan is quick and easy. If you have great credit and have been in business more than 2 years, you’ve got a great shot at qualifying for a short-term loan. Just a few questions and you could have funds at your disposal in hours not weeks or months. To get started click here.


The main reason a company would choose factoring is they want to cash now instead of waiting for their customers to pay, in 30 to 60 days. For a business that’s focused on expansion and growth, having that cash today to deploy into the business is a very valuable proposition. Factoring allows growing companies access to the cash they need for day to day transactions, fulfilling orders or adding additional lines of business.

Flooring Line

As a credit line commonly used by retailers with high-cost inventory, this short-term financing option is a great option for businesses that are able to use their inventory as collateral. Like other lines, the interest is only calculated on the amount of the line utilized. It’s a great option for a business looking for the flexibility of a line of credit that can be secured by their high cost inventory.

SBA Loan

Whatever your business needs are, there is probably an SBA loan for you. Startups to more established business, buying land or refinancing existing debt, there’s an SBA loan that meets your specialized business needs.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federally program that was established to help small businesses get access to the financing they need. The SBA does not give you the loan, they instead set up parameters for lenders and guarantee a small piece of these loans. Because the SBA takes on some of the risk for these loans, lenders are more apt to offer loans and financing to entrepreneurs and small business owners in need of capital.


Flexible—Whatever your business financing need are, there is most likely an SBA loan program available. From construction costs to debt refinance, and just about everything in between there is a loan for you.


Two common loan programs—The SBA has two most common loan programs; SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and SBA express. Here is a quick break down of each.


SBA 7(a): This is the most flexible of the SBA loans. Most common uses are:

-Buy or expand an existing business

-Buy materials, supplies and machinery

-Refinance existing debt

-Cover construction costs


SBA 504:  The 504 are more in depth, and require a bit more personal guarantee. Typically, 504 are used to finance fixed assets. To qualify for a 504 loan requires a tangible net worth of at least $15 Million and net income of $5 Million.  These are some common uses for the SBA 504 financing:

-Buy long-term machinery

-Renovating an existing building or facility

-Buying an existing building or land


SBA Express:  As the name suggests, this is the quickest SBA loan option. Express loans are typically reviewed in under 36 hours, although it may take up to 30 day to get funded.

How the Process Works

We understand that running a small business takes a lot of time, so your funding shouldn’t have to.

Find your loan, compare your options

Submit paperwork

Get Funded, fast

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