Hifiscus | Affiliate Program
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Affiliate Program

Fueling the Entrepreneurial Dream...

Key Partners

Partner companies are some of our greatest assets when it comes to forging new business relationships.  Our Key Partners are in a number of different industries, from financial planners to accountants. They work face to face with individuals and businesses and have a first-hand knowledge of their operations, which makes them perfectly suited to make an introduction to Hifiscus as a means of business growth. These introductions are a great way for Hifiscus to help small businesses expand as well as incentivize Key Partners to continue to seek out synergistic business relationships.

Strategic Partners

Introductions and referrals are also accepted and encouraged from individuals. Strategic Partners, or an individual who make business introductions to Hifiscus, are another great asset in our vision of helping small businesses grow. We recognize the great power of an individual’s network and business connections, and their ability to leverage those relationships into a mutually beneficial business introduction. We welcome Strategic Partners, as these referrals are a great way for Hifiscus to help small businesses expand and grow.


Join Now

Are you a company with business relationships that could be benefitted from a connection to Hifiscus? We offer an opportunity to help these small businesses grow while compensating you for making the introduction. To get started, fill out this application.


Are you an individual with a deep network of business connections that Hifiscus could help with funding solutions? Our referral program allows you to leverage your network and make introductions of businesses that could benefit from Hifiscus’s line up of funding options, and make a little money in the process. To become a Strategic Partner, fill out this application to get started today.

Submit information on your referrals here:
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