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Our Company

Learn about our history and work

About Us

Hifiscus was founded in January 2017 by two partners who worked in an industry where they saw a large amount of business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to repair and build credit in order to either refinance current business loans at better rates or acquire additional capital.


Many of the clients had either very poor terms on their debt such as, extremely high interest rates or quick repayment times or were simply unable to acquire funds for a variety of reasons such as low credit score, inability to collateralize loans, being over-leveraged or not knowing the best resources for highest likelihood to approve funds.


The owners of  Hifiscus  firmly believe that business owners, who provide jobs and create wealth for America, deserve help in acquiring the most capital at the best rates to help their business succeed with the least amount of risk possible.


Because of this Hifiscus  was launched to help meet this marketplace need and help business owners acquire the most intelligent capital possible.

Download Our Brochure Now!

For a more detailed description of the services we provide, please download our exclusive in-depth brochure. To learn more about our vision to “help small business grow,” and how our approach is the best opportunity for your business, download the brochure now.

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