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Crowdvac Provides businesses with Software Engineering, Product Development and Support. Their main focus is to help streamline processes through the following aspects: • Proven cloud, systems, application engineering for media & entertainment solutions. • Availability and experience to support rapid scaling and critical gap fulfillment. • Save time and expense related to recruiting, management, turnover. • Strategic partnerships, contract engineering, solution consulting.

The company has been growing a very fast pace, but there was benefit to having additional funds available should the need ever arise.  Hifiscus helped Crowdvac Acquire $100,000 in unsecured funds without any UCC filing on the business entity, or any assets.  The company now has additional resources for future growth, and is able to acquire larger amounts of funding in the future with no filings or liens on the company.


Learn More by visiting  www.crowdvac.com

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