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Succumbus Gaming

Succumbus Gaming

Succumbus Gaming is an upstart board game company that specializes in revolutionary, seductive gaming, with a unique focus as a platform for game submissions and publishing.


Currently, Succumbus has two major games ready for launch; Middara which is a 1-4 player cooperative story telling miniatures board game that takes place in a unique ultra-modern fantasy setting that exists alongside Earth. Assemblange of Eternity which brings the competitive feel of fighting games to the traditional gaming arena.


Succumbus started working with Hifiscus and was approved for a total of $100,000 in business capital in 2 legs of $50,000. This cash invested at a critical growth point will be used for the development and marketing prior to the official launch. They estimate that this funding will help them reach a projected $3 million in revenue on their initial launch.


For more information about the launch contact Succumbus Gaming here.

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