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Apache Pine

Apache Pine

Apache Pine, a wooden watch creator, was started by a group of friends who love the outdoors with roots that trace back to their time spent together skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and who want to bring a piece of nature’s beauty into daily life with their clothing line and watches. More than that, Apache Pine is a mindset, a community of people, a reminder to appreciate the beauty all around.

Apache Pine makes beautiful handmade watches, wallets and apparel from the tree native to the Rocky Mountains. Every watch is unique and every one of Apache Pine’s designs grows from one of their personal experiences. They strive to always innovate while never straying from what makes them who they are.

As part of their growth strategy the owners of this up and coming, purpose-driven company, sought out Hifiscus to help with funding options. Hifiscus was able to help them secure a $50,000 credit line for floating capital expense before the November holiday rush they anticipated. They have also been approved for another $50,000 line of credit that is currently on hold should they need to access it to scale over the next 12 months.


With the help from Hifiscus, Apache Pine will not only be able to continue to grow their brand, but also continue to progress their mission and purpose of creating beautiful products to remind us all of our roots and connection to nature.


For more information about Apache Pine, their products and missions, check out their website here. apache pine

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