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BeCause Cosmetics

BeCause Cosmetics

BeCause Cosmetics is a new cause-based cosmetics company, with the mantra of being a “better kind of beauty brand.” With their new approach, they aim to revolutionize the industry by speaking to what really matters; the power of every woman to make a difference, and their right to beauty on their own terms. Part of the mission is to donate a portion of each sale to non-profit organizations.


BeCause has been building the company through brand affiliates and ambassadors across the country to share their unique vision much more organically than through traditional marketing channels. Through their affiliates they aim to make the world a “better, more beautiful place by providing cosmetics of the very highest quality and support the causes that matter most to them.”


As part of their product launch, BeCause enlisted the help of Hifiscus to secure a $50,000 line of credit, that they plan to use for research and development costs as they craft high quality cosmetics that are cruelty free as well as US and EU compliant. They will also leverage those funds to expand their affiliate and ambassador network even further.

BeCause is excited to have the help of Hifiscus on their side as they further their mission and products nationwide. To learn more about the vision and products of BeCause click here.

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