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Cents of Style

Cents of Style

Cents of Style began in the spring of 2007, when Courtney Brown, who at the time was a stay at home mom and looking for an outlet that would bring personal fulfillment and empowerment. She had always had a love for fashion and was asked by friends and family how she was able to dress in style so affordably. That’s when the idea came. She saw the need for a place that mirrored her life experience, where women could ask a trusted friend about affordable fashionable clothing.


Cents of Style abides by the following values: hustle, clarity, radiate, own it, tribe and create. Through these values they strive to offer the latest clothing, shoes and accessories in an accessible and affordable way. They believe when you look good, you feel good and can in turn pass the good to those around you.


Cents of Style has built a unique idea into a multi-million-dollar ecommerce fashion empire, employing more than 30 women, mostly moms to empower themselves and their families. To grow and expand their company, Hifiscus helped Cents of Style secure $50,000 in 3 legs for a total cash infusion of $150,000.


With the help from Hifiscus, Cents of Style can continue to further their mission to help empower more women with the mantra, “when you look good, you feel good.”


Check out Cents of Style’swebsite for all the latest in fashionable affordable styles.


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